FOP #28 Associates

Fraternal Order of Police Associate Lodge 28

The Fraternal Order of Police Huachuca Lodge 28 has created an Associate Lodge.

Goals: The FOPA is an organization formed for the purpose of increasing the understanding of the rights, duties, and problems of law enforcement officers; of fostering respect for them; and of bettering conditions under which they serve society.  We are a nonprofit organization made of friends and families of law enforcement, citizens, civilian employees of law enforcement agencies, business members of the community – people willing to devote a portion of their time and efforts toward assisting the various law enforcement agencies of our communities, states and nation.

Some Functions of the FOPA:

·         Work to provide dedicated public support to our parent lodge and local law enforcement agencies

·         Present scholarships to dependents of law enforcement officers and Associate members

·         Raise and donate funds to officers in need or distress, provide funds to various law enforcement needs and youth programs

·         Present awards to recognize outstanding and dedicated law enforcement officers and Associate members

·         Hold joint social functions enjoyed by members, family, and friends.

Important things to know

·         Meetings will be monthly (times and locations TBD)

·         Our success will depend on member participation in fundraising and other activities

·         Annual dues of $24 and a onetime membership fee of $10 due at time of application.


·         Members are eligible for FOP Verizon Discount Plan

·         Law Enforcement Agency civilian employee members eligible for ALC legal coverage **(additional monthly costs required)**

·         National Fraternalism with our law enforcement family

·         Nationally recognized professional membership cards, decals, and emblems


Ready to join?  Have more questions? Know of someone who may be interested?

Contact the FOPA at

FOPA 28 Application

Click on the link above to fill out an application for membership