National Law Enforcement Voice in Washington D.C.

National Voice Of Law Enforcement Officers

The FOP’s influence “has left other police organizations feeling out in the cold.”

– The Wall Street Journal

VoiceDCThe Fraternal Order of Police is THE voice of law enforcement in Washington DC. There is no stronger and more effective advocate for law enforcement. This diligent representation and unrivaled success is achieved by our strong presence in Washington and cannot be duplicated at the state or local levels.


  • Protecting officers’ overtime pay it
  • Passing the federal law that allows the carrying of a concealed firearm by officers across the nation
  • Establishing the Law Enforcement Officers Death Benefit program it
  • Promoting a “Bill of Rights” for law enforcement officers it
  • Fighting to restore full social security benefits to all Law Enforcement Officers
  • Fighting legislation that weakens federal drug laws

Please see for the most up-to-date information on the FOP’s Washington activities.

The FOP Legislative office is staffed by full-time professionals and is located blocks from the US Capitol. This staff works directly with members of Congress, the administration, and regulators to influence the legislation and regulations that affect law enforcement officers. The numerous successes of the FOP benefit the daily lives of law enforcement officers in countless ways.