FOP Verizon WirelessThe Arizona Fraternal Order of Police offers a Verizon Wireless mobile phone discount program for FOP members only.

Click here to select your FOP Verizon Point of Contact info. Opens the AZ FOP website in a new tab. Please read the information below before contacting a FOP Verizon Point of Contact.

Verizon has established a new  Unlimited Data plans for all lines on our account.  If you are currently on the old, grandfathered, AZ FOP Verizon plan, and you want to upgrade your phone, or add lines, you must transition your account to the new AZ FOP Verizon plan by contacting a AZ FOP Point of Contact and filling out a new Assumption of Liability Form (AOL form).  The AOL forms are available by email from your FOP Verizon Point of Contact.

See: New phone equipment offers

Pathway to Obtain AZ FOP Verizon Plan:

  • Select your Lodge and fill out web contact request
  • You will receive an  email with a link to the appropriate Assumption of Liability (AOL) form
  • → Gather info from Verizon bill  
  • → Submit the Assumption of Liability form 
  • → Your On-Line account will be created 3-5 days 
  • → You will receive a login and password to your Verizon Business web account
  • → Login to your Verizon Business Account to make plan changes, upgrade equipment, manage Friends and Family
    • → Or after your account is created, call the customer service business line 800-922-0204, who will need to verify all transactions with a AZ FOP point of contact.
    • All transactions will need to be done using your My Business website or through customer service (800-922-0204).  Verizon stores will NOT be able to assist you.

Our new AZ FOP Verizon plan accounts qualify for the following:

  • Unlimited data for smartphones, tablets and jetpacks
    • Keep in mind, if your data reaches 25GB in a billing cycle, Verizon will throttle down (slow) your data down to 2GB until your billing cycle is over.
  • Monthly and Quarterly equipment promotions
  • 25% discount on accessories
  • Upgrade eligibility every 10 months
  • The FOP discount program is a corporate discount structure, the benefits overview is as follows:
    1. 22% plan discount, 1 year contract,
    2. Government pricing, unlimited data, text
    3. Includes Verizon Cloud
    4. Pricing for minute usage
    5. One year pricing, 10 month upgrades
    6. No early termination fees
    7. WAIVED $40 Activation, $40 upgrade and $35-$70 restocking fees
    8. Overnight shipping fee waived

SMART Phone Plans & Features are as follows

  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Text, Pictures and Video
  • 10 Friends & Family numbers 10 total ( NOT per line)
  • Unlimited Mobile to mobile (VZ-VZ)
  • Unlimited nights, weekends (9pm and before 6am) and Roaming

FOP members must maintain FOP membership to be eligible for the FOP Verizon Program.


  • All transactions will need to be done using your My Business website or through customer service (800-922-0204). Verizon stores will NOT be able to assist you.
  • Current equipment upgrade dates/obligations must be met prior to upgrade.
  • All equipment purchases require a credit/debit card. Billing to Verizon account is NOT permitted under the FOP plan.
  • Proration ALWAYS applies when transferring or activating new lines of service.
    ALL Plans include the following:
    • Discount Service 17% up to 23% (depending on price plan).
    • 2 month contract, Upgrade every 10 months (Current upgrade date/obligations bus be met prior to upgrade)
    • NO Early termination fee, upgrade fee or activation fee
    • 25% off accessories Instant rebate offers – no need to mail-in on any rebate offers.

Activating a new line of service AND transferring lines of service will result in prorated charges (e.g. Your Personal plan switching to an to an AZ FOP plan).

Calling plan ID and Equipment

See: Equipment Matrix of available devices.

Plan Features and Costs Chart : See below

SMART Phone NON-Share Plan Options (Price does NOT include tax):

  • 400MIN $47.99 Rate plan code 74510
  • 600MIN $61.00 Rate plan code 74512
  • 1000MIN $72.99 Rate plan code 74514

Tablets and Modems

  • Unlimited Data  $39.99 (Price does NOT include tax) Rate plan code 84357

Mobile Hotspot - Teathering

Ultd data $10.00 per line (Price does NOT include tax) Rate plan code 76445

SmartPhones "Shared" Monthly Access Pooled Minutes* Text / Pic Messages Data Choose a Plan ID
Nationwide Share 000** $35.99 0 Unlimited Unlimited 86140
Nationwide Share 400  $49.99 400 Unlimited Unlimited 74511
Nationwide Share 600  $62.99 600 Unlimited Unlimited 74513
Nationwide Share 1000  $74.99 1,000 Unlimited Unlimited 74515

** Does NOT include 10 friends & Family. A maximum of 50% of lines per account can be on the 000 minute plans.

BASIC Phone plans & Features are as follows:

  •  100 text/pic/video (unlimited texting ADD $12.00/mo)
  •  Unlimited Mobile to mobile (VZ-VZ)
  •  Unlimited nights and weekends after 9pm and befo
Basic Phone Monthly Access Pooled Minutes* Text / Pic Messages Data Choose a Plan ID
Nationwide Share 000** $15.99 0 100 NA 86137
Nationwide Share 100  $23.98 100 100 NA 80006
Nationwide Share 200  $27.29 200 100 NA 73736
Nationwide Share 400  $29.99 400 100 NA 74539
Nationwide Share 450 $37.34 450 100 NA 73737
Nationwide Share 600  $42.99 600 100 NA 74541
Nationwide Share 900  $53.94 900 100 NA 73738
Nationwide Share 1000 $54.99 1,000 100 NA 74543
Nationwide Share 1350  $70.54 1,350 100 NA 73739
Nationwide Share 2000  $87.14 2,000 100 NA 73740
Nationwide Share 4000  $128.64 4,000 100 NA 73741

** A maximum of 50% of lines per account can be on the 000 minute plans

Keep in  mind, the BASIC Phone plan is different. The Basic Plan limits texts to 100 and does not have data.   Basically, if you have a smartphone, you must select a smartphone plan.


1 smart phone (400MIN $49.99)
1 Basic phone (0 MIN $15.99 rate plan includes 100 text messages this lines would share with your other line for a total of 400 mins on your account.) It would not share the friends and family numbers with the smart phone rate plans


If your existing Verizon account is bundled with Century Link or any other
company you MUST remove it from the bundle before obtaining a FOP Verizon account.

If you have an installment loan on equipment on your existing Verizon account you cannot transfer to the FOP account until that loan is paid off for at least two billing cycles.

If your mobile number is under someone else’s account and you want to transfer only your number to the FOP Corporate account, you must get the permission of the account manager on that account to transfer your number.

If your phone(s) are on a prepaid account, you cannot transfer those numbers until you switch to a regular account.

Key Points to Know:

  1. The Verizon Wireless retail stores will no longer to be able to assist you with any account transactions. Most all transactions can be completed thru your online MyBusiness account. With MyBusiness you will be able to purchase/upgrade your devices, as well as purchase accessories. MyBusiness will give you the best available discount on phones and accessories, usually more than you would receive thru Customer Care.
  2. Your current equipment upgrade dates/contracts must be fulfilled prior to being eligible to upgrade on the new account.
  3. Both your old account and new account will experience proration’s (see below).
  4. New Account or Line of Service: Access charges are prorated from the day after the activation date until the start of the first bill cycle (e.g. if you activate on the 5th and your bill cycle is the 15th, prorated charges will occur from the 6th through the 15th). Access, airtime minutes and megabyte allowances are all subject to proration when certain on demand changes are completed outside the first day of the bill cycle. FOP SIGN UP INFORMATION Access, airtime minutes and megabyte allowances are all subject to proration when certain on demand changes are completed outside the first day of the bill cycle.
  5. IMPORTANT TO KNOW; if you cancel your membership to the Fraternal Order of Police, for any reason, you cannot have an account under the FOP Corporate account. Monthly, we receive a list of Inactive members and will suspend/cancel your Verizon account if it is found you are no longer an FOP member.